Sailing blog site – Tengeru

Who am I………………..

I’m Nigel. I liveaboard a 28ft sailing boat, at the moment with my crew, ‘Gizzy’. She is a mongrel dog. We, currently, are berthed at Southsea Marina, on the South Coast of England. Having just bought another boat, Tengeru, an Elizabethan 31 ketch, our present home is up for sale.

Keep smiling, you might find out where you are.!!

I’ve been sailing since I was 8 years old, having been taught to crew at the sailing club in Benghazi, Libya. Whether there is still a sailing club there, or not, I have no idea since it was burned down by Giddafi, just before we left there to return to England.

I sailed GP14’s, back then, but over the years, all the usual dinghies, from Enterprises, Hornets, 505’s, etc. I have to admit, I went through a big learning curve, when I first got ‘Freyja’, the 28 footer in the water. I’ve even been rescued by the Langstone RNLI (bless ’em’), after an horrendous day when everything on the boat broke. The exhaust fell off, I ripped the genoa to shreds, the electrics gave up and the weather was getting worse.

I love living aboard. I’ve been asked, over the years, ‘What’s it like.?’ To me, it’s like living in a caravan, but without the wheels.!! I was asked once, what I did when it rained. I said ‘I batten down the hatches, and float a bit higher’.

                                                      My Crew…..hard at work                                                                          Gizzy….’On watch’

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