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More Re-fitting takes place………….

This last visit to Cornwall, saw Miriam and I carrying on with the Re-fit. I finished off the hull, all bar the anti-fouling, by painting the boot top a dark blue and putting in the line on what I think they call the ‘sheer’.

tengeru, blog, sailing site

The hull, finished apart from anti-fouling

tengeru, blog, sailing site

The ‘fancy’ line

I removed the little bit of kitchen towel I had put into the anchor locker drain (you can see the lump on the hull in the pic, on the right) and got drenched. I was surprised by how much rain water had gathered in there.!!!!

I’ve left the anti-fouling until the boat is about to go into the water.

After having completed that job, I went below to see what Miriam had been up to. She had fitted the saloon seating. We had used the old foam pads, as there was still some life left in them. The material was expensive, but we wanted something that was hard wearing and colourful. Sewing the cushion covers had been a new experience and fun. It also saved money. I made up some light weight boards to fix the back cushions to, using staples, then added a couple of wooden strips to which I fixed heavy duty sticky back ‘velcro’. It did the job.!!! Miriam had made curtains which matched a pattern in the fabric. All in all, I think the look is clean, bright and modern. I had previously, rubbed down the old tired looking wood veneer bulk heads. These had received an undercoat and top coat of white paint. I will, next, be rubbing down the remaining woodwork and varnishing that.

tengeru, blog, sailing site

Saloon seating






tengeru, sailing, blog site

Bulk head prior to undercoat












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