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Feeling reflective……………….

Some people will never understand, the draw the water brings,

the sights, the sounds, the beauty, as I listen and the wind sings.

The sun sets, and rises again, on another lovely day,

no matter the weather, as my little boat, alongside, she lays.


For four years now, she has been my only home,

and restlessly, I go on and prepare myself to roam.

Mending this, replacing that, as together we go to explore,

always enjoying what I find, and always wanting more.


A tiny place to live, but a whole world out side,

no highways to hell, just a huge ocean to ride.

These thoughts run through my mind, as bunk bound I lay,

what weather, what experiences, will happen to me today.?


My little ship closets me, safe, secure and warm,

as rain beats, and wind howls, they can do me no harm.

Tied up alongside, just waiting for the day,

when, at last, I loose my lines, and finally sail away.


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Soton Aye and a bit of gout

sailing blog site - tengeru

Soton Boat Show 2014

This last weekend I went to the Southampton Boat Show. I travelled by train. There’s no point in taking the car to Soton, because to park is a bit like trying to find a car space on the head of a pin, unless you pay the value of the car, in charges. Now don’t be fooled into thinking that I went there to buy a fancy new Beneteau, or even a kayak, I don’t have that sort of money.!! Nay, I went for some inspiration. I think, when you are doing up an old boat, it’s nice to have a look ’round to see what bit’s and pieces can be added to make life more comfortable. I was quoted, for instance, £250 for a nice fitted fore cabin mattress cover. Not bad, I thought, if my name was Paul Getty. I made one for myself, on Sunday, out of an old duvet cover. Cost £1.45.

Now I realise that getting on in years has it’s benefits. You can be cynical with the help of years of experience of the world we live in. You can, almost, get away with saying whatever you like and people give you a funny look and think ‘silly old sod’, but it’s the aches and pains that no one told me about that have surprised me. My mother did say, not so long ago, that getting old ‘is not for the weak’. She’ll be 90 soon, so I’m going to defer to her judgement on that.!! After walking around for hours, I got a sharp pain in my right toes. I gave myself an instant diagnosis of gout. I thought you got that through drinking to much pink gin, or red wine. Certainly, as a lad, when living in Africa, I knew an old fella who suffered from it, and drinking to much pink gin and red wine. Any way, I don’t drink, so Mark (Cygnus 3) your beer is safe, mate. I came up with solution to the problem. I’d buy a ride on the big Ferris Wheel, to give me poor aching feet a rest. Now, being a man, I wasn’t about to say that I don’t like fairground rides. So, I handed over my money and climbed into this saucer shaped thing that had a sort of umbrella attachment fixed to it. I had a look round and thought it could do with some paint, but I didn’t look too closely at the rust. The fella running the thing, pulled a lever, pushed a switch, wound up the lacky band, or whatever, and up we went. It swayed, I was petrified.!! We got to the top and the fella stopped the thing. Now, if I ever find out where he lives, I’m going to pay him a visit one dark night and…………………

I’ve decided that given the choice of going on another fairground, or suffering gout, I’ll take the gout…………….