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My Ass is blue!!!

Well it’s been awhile since I last posted anything. I thought the time had come for me to renew my acquaintance with the ethereal world of ‘blogs’. Although I have been absent, I have, nonetheless, continued to follow all those lucky ‘sods’ who are doing what I will eventually be doing and that is sailing the seven seas.

Right back to the purpose of this blog……………

You may remember that some months ago I had ‘Patricia Perkins’, my old trusty engine, removed for her bottom end to be re-shaped. This involved no botox, or silicon implants, just a bit of re-grinding and re-sizing of bearings.


Now Patricia is not one of those petite, sleek blonde like creatures. She is a 45hp beauty, weighing in at 4 and a half hundred weight. Therefore a bit of an ‘Amazon’. She reminds me, a little, of ‘Wonder Woman’. Now there was a fine example of buxom beauty. Any how, enough of that!! Once Patricia had been ‘done over’, she sat on her pallet, in the boatyard, and we fired her up. Oh, it was grand to see. She coughed and spluttered and then settled down to a dull roar. We had to tie her to the fence, because she began to make her way off across the yard, on her pallet!!

As you can see from the photo, she didn’t look her best and had no chance of winning any beauty contest!! I therefore had a moment of weakness and decided to give a ‘once over’.

Over the following weeks/months, because the weather here has been crap and not conducive to paint, I have given her a new set of clothing………………………

20150710_165405               20150710_165454

20150710_165422          20150727_122301  20150727_122322

20150727_122329   20150727_122332

Now Patricia can shout ‘MY ASS IS BLUE!!!!!’

Whilst all this was going on, I had another moment of weakness and decided to re-cover her bed. Well what lady wouldn’t like fresh sheets on her bed? This involved a trip down the West Country and a return to life 50 years ago. It’s a known fact that the West Country lags behind the rest of England!!!

Her bed, as you can see, was a bit of a mess.          However, a lot of scrubbing, degreasing and elbow grease20150227_114404   and…………            20150227_123530    the starboard side ended up

looking like this.

The next job? The windlass……………………..but that’s another story……………………………



Does my bum look big in this.?

Patricia Perkins, has had her ‘bum’ seen to.!!

You might remember that Tengeru’s engine was in need of some TLC. It had been lifted out of  the boat and, looking like a piece of scrap metal, was put to one side, in the boat yard. I was left with the decision, to either have a go at repair, or buy a new engine at ‘moocho dinero’.

Um….. it took about 30 seconds for me to decide for rebuild. Anyhow, I wanted a look at Patricia’s ‘little bits’.!!

So, me and a mate, went down to Cornwall, and gave Patricia a lift back to my home marina, Southsea, Portsmouth. Another friend allowed me the use of his garage as a work shop. It’s good to have friends, innit.

After having tied Patricia down to an engine stand (BDSM – you may have heard of it.? Stands for – Basic Destruction of Sentimental Machinery), we removed her drawers. (Steady on guys, I really mean her crank case). After having a fiddle around with her innards, we removed her bits and pieces. I’ve never done an hysterical rectomy before, it was good fun. And there we found the problem. The crank shaft and bearing shells were scored and marked, Some ‘eedjut’ had run the engine without any oil in it.! In fact the 3rd cylinder bearing shell had got so hot, it was now scorched and out of shape. It seems that this heating up had also caused the oil way in the shaft to become blocked and this may be the cause of the low oil pressure.

So, her bits went off for re-grinding. They came back nice and shiny and with no problems, at all, were put back in place. Now she just needs a new dress (re-paint) and she’ll be ready for the party………………


Here are some photos of Patricia, before her ‘operation’……………….


20141108_123936 20141108_123949 20141108_123956

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