Sailing blog site – Tengeru


Hi, welcome to my sailing, cruising blog site, Tengeru.

I’ve started this blog to share with you the things I love and hate about sailing. I’ll be including a bit about how I’m re-fitting my new boat, Tengeru, as well as sharing memories of sailing ‘Freyja’, my first bigger boat. I’m hoping that, in time, you will post comments and put me right where I go wrong. Hey, maybe you’ll even tell me where I got it right.

Eventually, I’ll be leaving these English shores and heading for a life in the sun, somewhere………………..


Tengeru sailing blog site

I’m an incompetent sailor, but that never seems to hold me back. I’m jealous of all those that are already doing the sailing ’round the world thing. If they’d just hang on a year, or two, I’ll join them……………..

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Great – it was operator error (ie me!) – now I can read it! love it – looking forward to hearing more!


  2. Thanks Jackie, I look forward to following your adventures too.


  3. Hi Nigel, nice blog! I recently (well, maybe not that recently anymore) moved to Soton from abroad and am looking to buy a small sailboat. I have lots of questions about sailing in the Solent, and it would be great to find someone with local experience to have a chat.
    May I get you a drink or two one of these days and have a chat (I can come to Portsmouth or anywhere nearby where you might be).


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