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I’ve been floored !!

It’s been a good while since I last posted anything to my blog……………………..

Well the Year 2016 !! What is there to say??

Toward the end of 2015 I was getting ‘vibes’ from those star gazers telling me that 2016 ‘was my year’. You know the sorts, the ones who tell you that Uranus is moving towards Aquarius, and the heavens are your best friend. Mmmm……

So, I entered 2016 with a plan to get the boat finished and this would be the year her bottom would get wet. Yippeee, great hopes for the future.  Along came the date for our Brexit Referendum. Oooh June, no problem.  Whatever the outcome, in 2 years time, I’ll be sailing in the Med, sun on my back, gentle breeze across my bald pate, not giving a monkey’s about whether we are Brexiteers, or Remainers.

Then I started to feel a little poorly. Or rather, the poorliness I had been feeling for months, started to get worse. It’s funny how it doesn’t bother you, if you never attend your Surgery, whether there is a male doctor to be found. Apparently, there is a shortage of them, you know. They have probably given up on the NHS and are all snowboarding down the Matterhorn. Anyway, the time came, when I could no longer avoid, but go to see my Doctor. A very attractive young lady.  I had developed, what can only be described as, a useless lump on my bits. It was very painful to boot !! She gave it a gentle touch, I shot through the ceiling and a referral was made to the Urology dept of our local hospital. Two weeks later, I’m laid on the operating theatre table, having a biopsy taken. Another quick referral and I’m off to St. George’s Hospital in Tooting, London (I added the London bit for anyone who doesn’t know where Tooting is). Booked in, I have an operation to remove a cancerous tumour. During the pre-op a discussion was had, of which I may have been included, although that bit was unclear to me at the time, about what else to have a look for. So, my operation involved, also, removing some Lymph nodes on my right hand side groin. I then spent 5 days relaxing and chilling out with a catheter. I must stress I’m joking about chillin’ with a catheter. Those who have had the dubious pleasure of a catheter, know what I’m talking about. Anyway, I was released after my 5 days of hospital meals, an absolute joy, those. It does raise the question, however, “How can a kitchen make meals, that look different to each other, but all taste the same?? ” It didn’t matter if it be a main course sausage and mash, or a dessert jelly and ice cream, it tasted the same!!

Anyway, I’m away home, free to recover, without the catheter. Then came a phone call, ‘We’ll send you a confirmation letter, but come back into hospital next week. We want to remove some more Lymph nodes’. So, the following week, three weeks after the first operation, I’m, again, on a theatre bed being given a cocktail of knock out drops, this time for the purpose of removing Lymph nodes from my left hand side groin. It seems one of them has been inconsiderate enough to grow it’s own lump. Another 3 days of hospital fare and this time fully quipped with a ‘drain’ (I’ll explain that in a mo), I’m sent off home to recover. The ‘drain’, what a joy!! It is a small plastic bottle which has a no air in it. This is connected to a plastic tube which is then inserted into your lower stomach for the purposes of draining Lymphatic fluid from your body, as your system recovers from the internal stitches and whatnot. It is strategically placed, to be directed behind your trouser belt, so as to cause the most discomfort when trying to wear clothes. I am happy to report that I have, 3 weeks ago, now, had it removed.

So, I’ve spent most of this year, off work, laying down, because it’s the only position remotely comfortable. I did, however, manage to get to ‘Tengeru’, just before all this started. I had, for a long while, wanted to do something with her cabin sole.

20160612_084230  This is how the cabin sole was, before I started to play with it.

This is how it was half way through the job. I still had to ‘find’ the floor hatches and cut them out.

20160618_130741                                                  20160620_104525                                                                                                                                              Here’s the floor with the ‘hatches’ cut out. I have now got to                                                                                                         cover those, making sure they match the surrounding floor.                                                                                                          The second hatch is after the one shown and under the                                                                                                                  companion way steps.

So there you have it, how I spent 2016. I’m not sure what happened to Uranus moving into Aquarius…………………