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A new start?


Well, I missed last month’s posting. It wasn’t the best end to a year.!! Through December, I lost my job, didn’t complete my Day Skipper Practical (RYA), and on the Saturday between Christmas and the New Year, someone decided to rearrange the back end of my car.!!…………………………

Hey ho, here we are, towards the end of January. I have a replacement charabang, I have an interview for a job, this week, and I’m making arrangements to complete my Day Skipper, on my own boat. Let’s hope this is the start of a better year to come (2015).

We all know that ‘They’ (whoever ‘they’ might be) can’t regulate boat users, in the same way ‘they’ regulate road users. We don’t pay ‘road tax’ on our boats, we don’t have ‘T-junctions’, Stop/Go signs and ‘Zebra’ crossings, mid channel, are proving problematical. We certainly don’t have to pass any ‘competency’ test before we are let loose on the water.!!

With the advent of our new annual flooding, here in the UK, I wonder if the rules might change, just a little bit.

Will we have to pass ‘port to port’ at traffic lights.? Flooded road What the hell will we do at ‘T-junctions.? Flooded give way

And when we go to the local store, where’s the pontoons.?

local store Will the ‘Col-Regs’ apply.? Will we have to ‘give whey’ to the bloody great tanker, as it eases its way, into the parking space we had our eye on.? And another thought…………..what about the poor bugger collecting the trolleys.? Do we tip him/her, or do we go into the ‘MOB’ routine.?

water horses And whose got right of way.? Me in my yacht, or them on their ‘quadro-ped water vehicles.?

As for the ‘motor boaters’ of the world, I bet they’d enjoy this……………………….

speed limit


There are some new inventions, on the market, in readiness for the new watery ‘era’………………………….

hover car The ‘Hover car’……..not a bad monthly price, is it, and………………………….

submarine car the ‘Submarine car’. Is this is what’s meant by ‘dipping your head lights’.?

Well, I have no doubt that our Government has a ‘master plan’ for all this. That is, if they’re not all to busy trying to get onto the latest series of ‘I’m a Celebrity……… Get me outta here’.!!!!!

4 thoughts on “A new start?

  1. Fun article! Hasn’t been fun for you though! I wish you well (and luck) that things improve!:-)


  2. Wow, didn’t know that the UK has turned into Water World. Looking forward to cruising there someday. It will be very convenient to anchor in front of the B&Q and row into the dinghy dock to provision.


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