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How do you get at the money.?


I was sat this morning and a thought occured to me. Now that doesn’t happen very often, so it’s got to be worth a post.

When you leave these fair shores, in your floating caravan, distant horizons to be sought, crew to be thrown over the side, if they forget the sugar in your coffee, how do you access all that dosh sat in your bank account.?

I’m not daft enough ( well almost), to think that the dolphins putting on their show, need paying, nor do the fish that leap into your boat, frantic to throw themselves onto your grill, as you follow that funny little line on your chart, but at some point in time you are going to bump into something solid, possibly land, and at that point some little foreign fella is going to pop his head up and demand some wonga.


The good old British pound is not what it once was, let’s face it. So, I’m guessing that something else needs to be handed over, a Euro, or a groat. Something like that.? How’s it done.? How is this transaction……… well transacted.? Do you cruising folks carry a wodge of notes, in several different currencies, and small denominations (that helps you look poor, I imagine).? Do you carry American Express – that’ll do nicely, senor -, or what happens.?


And, now this is the big AND, when you have run out of your small denomination notes, and your loose change has been lost in the bilges, how do get your hands on more, from your bank.?  I nearly suggested doing some work, but I wouldn’t want to upset anyone. I’m also aware that on Cygnus 3, there is a beer currency, which seems to have some effect.

I shall return to my musings and leave this for you good folk to furnish suitable replies……

3 thoughts on “How do you get at the money.?

  1. Talk to your bank before you leave. Check out your bank’s ‘partners’ and where they are. Some banks have ‘partners’ all over the world and if you use them, you will not incur ‘withdrawing’ charges – you will always incur exchange rate charges, whatever you do, unless your earn that specific currency….


  2. Here in New Zealand we have got travel cards, where you can have up to four currencies loaded on a debit card. It has got a Mastercard symbol on there, and so you can either use it in ATM’s or in shops who accept Mastercard. It has got low transaction fees, and you can shuffle the currencies around when the exchange rate is favourable. The one I use is linked with Air New Zealand http://www.airnewzealand.co.nz/onesmart. Cash Passport is another one http://www.cashpassport.com
    I have used mine for a few overseas trips now and it is really good! You can also set it up to send you a text message whenever it is used and it updates your balance.


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